Essay Outline
작성자 원오원에세이

I. Introduction

a. start with anecdote

b. connect story with personal development and background

c. end with question regarding future career plans, motives

II. Role model / respectable figures

a. explain how anecdote ties in with relevant role model

b. aspects of role model that I would like to accentuate and adopt

c. perspective other than that of role model that is unique to me

III. Insightful work of media that was crucial to personal development

a. explain revolutionary nature of author’s work

b. elaborate on its relevance to my own dreams and aspirations

c. brief description of the progress this work was able to achieve

IV. Connection of insightful work to one’s own academic interests

a. brief mention of own academic interests and fields of study

b. how author has captivated attention and relevant reasons

c. incorporation of work’s core concepts into potential plans at university

V. Conclusion

a. reiteration of anecdote and the personal development niche

b. relevance of role model and inspirational work

c. morals and lessons learned

d. how this story shapes a core piece of my identity